In an interview with with Alireza Meybodi - Pars TV, August 4, 2015, to promote his book "Comrade Ayatollah," , controversial Iranian dissident Amir Abbas Fakhravar accuses Shahbanou Farah's close friend Lili Amir Arjomand of being a Soviet Spy. 


Lili Amir Arjomand presided over the Institute of Intellectual development founded by Shahbanou Farah which was at the origine of many future Iranian filmmakers career including Abbas Kiarostami. 

This innuendo attack on Mrs. Arjomand seems to have been at the source of Fakhravar's fall from grace by Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's office and entourage: 

"Shahrvand" Reza Pahlavi Dumps Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Mrs. Arjomand has not responded to the accusation yet. 

Photo Description:

Top Right : Lily Amir Arjomand Receives Cultural Medal Award at Czechoslovakia Embassy (1971) 

Bottom Right:  2nd Tehran Intern'l Festival of Films For Children, Tehran, Iran (1967)

Top Left: Amir Abbas Fakhravar and Crown Prince Reza ( year ? ) 

Bottom Right: Shah of Iran and Shahbanou greeted by Leonid Breznev in Moscow 1970's