Iranians of the Day dated 09-Oct-2010:


Shirin Ebadi & Akbar Ganji

Walk out to protest free speech award to Mohammad cartoonist


Courtesy of Fred:

Fred: Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist most known for his Mohammad cartoons was awarded the German Media Freedom Prize [News]. The 2007 honoree of the same award, journalist Akbar Ganji and the lone Iranian Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi were to attend the ceremony. In protesting the awarding of the prize to Kurt Westergaard, both Iranians walked out. Sabine Sasse, project manager of the award event told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: “Kurt Westergaard is a symbol for press freedom and freedom of opinion because he stands for what he is doing -- and it's not right that some people want to kill him... Death threats are not our culture. So we fight for these rights. In a good democracy, it must be possible to have different opinions and discuss things." >>>