As an Iranian Hearing today of the terrible news of yet another outrage perpetrated by the Islamic terrorism, this time in the beautiful city of Paris, the cultural capital of Europe, I could not help but remembering which evil man the people  of France gave shelter to nearly 35 years ago. The Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, The founding dictator of the “Islamic republic of Iran”. The first hateful Muslim leader  who declared war on intellectuals, freethinkers and writers by issuing a Fatwa on life of British Author Salman Rushdie for his book Satanic Verses. The first crazy Mullah who broke all political and civil conventions by ordering the seizure of US embassy in Tehran and taking US Diplomats as hostages. The first Islamic terrorist leader who after killing tens of thousands of Iranian secular intellectuals, writers, poets and scientists    sent his terror gangs to Europe to hunt down those who had managed to escape his Islamic hell. Where his hit men killed a French police officer in their first failed attempt on life of Late Mr. Shapoor bakhtiaar, the last prime minister of Iran who later joined the ranks of hundreds of Iranian political refugees murdered on khomeini's orders. Khomeini, The man who introduced rape and murder by “soldiers of Islam” into the modern time by  issuing orders through his henchmen to prison guards at Evin and other prisons across Iran to rape all virgin female political prisoners before their execution as a reward to the guard and a punishment to the poor teenage female political prisoner.

What happened to France and French people today, as tragic it was,  was  just a small taste of what our country Iran and it’s people have been experiencing for the past 36 years. With a difference; These crimes such as  murdering intellectuals for daring to think and write, are done in Iran with full backing of the law. The shariat law.