Why cover your face, to revenge for religion?
Why run like a jackal after stealing life like it was a chicken?
Depriving people from their innate right: LIFE
Is your heart dark with hatred?
So obscure that the thought of spreading bullets
Will advocate a change of thought in others?
Why this stark reprisal to criticism?
Isn’t religion to appease the soul?
Using words enlighten the mind and broaden the heart
Advocating compassion to understand people’s motivations
Embracing other thoughts and kindly offering an empathetic wider perspective
Why plea for violence that rusts all pathways for peaceful communication
Can you sit in peace, with your blood tainted body?
Is that smirk justified? Are trembling in a state of confusion?
Are you so weak in your beliefs that a drawing crumbles your views?
Bringing in brume to a clear day just to extinguishing care.
Is there a way to shed off belligerent approaches?
To install a harmonious discussion table where we all share thoughts?
And become bold enough to admire bright sarcasm.

César Moran – Cahusac
Cusco, January 2015