Mahnaz Badihian


I spend most of my life

with something I hate a lot

my Bra!

The cup size C too small, D too big

the narrow strap too weak, cutting my shoulder

the wide strap annoying


The hardest  thing I do in the morning

is to dress my breasts with two connected sack

trying to close it with closed eyes

going through a maze


I hate my Bra, but I need it to lift

 the dangling weigh of breast on my skin


Since an older girl in college dorm said to me:

you have Roman style breast!

I felt their presence even more

So I tried to like my Bra

by spending money on red, purple, green and designer colors

I bought 18 hours Bra

I bought strap less, wide straps, narrow, sport Bras

Bras  with closed back passing through my head

under weir, see through, seamless, valentine Bras

I even tried to fix relationship with my Bra

by asking my partner to open or close it for me

That did not work he was complete illiterate on the  subject!

For a while I saw resemblance to Marylyn Monroe breast

and let them half out with loose Bra

that did not work since  people preferred

 to look at them than my eyes

as if I am carrying a whore house on my chest


Now definitely looking to have Bra less life

divorcing lifelong sour relationship with my Bra