Last night, at 12:01 EST, the US reimposed tough economic sanctions on Iran, making the Iranian people the world record holders in Self-Hostage Taking.

Congratulations to ALL Iranians both inside Iran, as well as those living comfortably outside of Iran!

WE ARE #1!

With this historic action, the Iranian people have successfully managed to accomplish a triple feat of self inflicted victimization, that NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS MANAGED TO ACHIEVE;

FIRST HOSTAGE TAKING [ONE]: The Iranian people have allowed themselves to be held Hostage by self imposing the worst Islamic government in history, for over 40 years.

SECOND HOSTAGE TAKING [TWO]: The Iranian peple have allowed the Iranian Bazari, Sepah class merchants to hold them hostage by monopolizing all goods and services in the Iranian economy.

THIRD HOSTAGE TAKING [THREE]: As a result of the Iranian people allowing themselves to be taken Hostage under the FIRST and SECOND Hostage takings, they have now allowed themselves to be taken Hostage a THIRD time, this time by a Foreign Power (US) who is holding hostage the goods and services of the Iranian economy, that are already held hostage by the Bazari, Sepah merchant class, as a result of the Iranian people allowing themselves to be held hostage by the Islamic government they imposed upon themselves.

While this sounds overcomplicated, as most stupidity does, this triple-layered feat of delicious self inflicted hostage taking, has never before been accomplished by any people held hostage by any hostage taking country in the world, and is no doubt a source of great pride among the proud Iranian people who deserve this great honor and achievement, more than any other proud hostages in the world.

Congratulations to the Iranian People! You deserve all the rewards that are sure to follow now! You have earned it! Enjoy your moment in the sun, while under the world's magnifying glass! 

As the famous Arab-Iranian-Arab poet once said, "MARHABA!"