In 3 days time the first round of Trump initiative against the unreformable, expansionist and warmongering Islamist fascists will begin. The second round is to commence in November.

This coming Monday is the start of a process, if done in an airtight manner as promised, it can lead to Iran, Iranians and the free world’s emancipation from the bloody tyranny of the Islamist fascism.

Being a longtime advocate of backbreaking sanction as the preferred alternative to war, I hope Trump will not stab Iranian people in the back and cut a deal with Islamist fascists as Obama did for his faulty legacy nuke deal.

Next to Israelis, America cannot find a better strategic friend in the Middle East than the Iranian people. The demise of the Islamist fascism and emancipation of Iranian people has been, is and will continue to be in America’s national interests.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.