Disclaimer: Although many of you know I am a Republican. I am not a right-wing nut-job. Well, not right-wing anyway! I did not vote for Trump. I do not approve of him as a suitable President of the US.

Vali Damesh Garm!

With the recent in your face, about face pulling the US out of the JCPOA, whether he knew it or not, Trump sent a clear message to Iran. And About Time! I say!

Before you stomp off to the comments section to post your sanctimonious comment about Iranians suffering from sanctions, rest assured I will address that, but for certain.

And before we get to the presumptive name calling, let us agree to stop fooling ourselves, shall we? Let us expose the real crux of the Deal. Because it was never about Peace, Regional Stability, or Non-Proliferation. The hint is right there in the word “Deal”.

At best, the Iran Deal was yet another Ransom for another Iranian Hostage taking.

The JCPOA (aka “the Iran Deal”) as it is written, was never in a blue moon, intended to prevent Iran from getting nukes. It was intended to buy a gentlemen’s agreement to delay Iran’s inevitable nukes. For Iran, excuse me, Iran’s Oligarchs (aka corrupt monopolist Bazaris and their new real enemy, the Sepah Merchant Class), it was about exchanging empty promises, for more money. At least they hoped they would make more money. Because there’s not much left in Iran’s coffers. They’ve looted that cupboard bare.

Th other delusion we need to get over is that Iran is no longer a Mardaneh country. Iran is the Namard of the world. Go, look.

To those of you who’ve endlessly whined about the US sanctions harming Iranians, you are right. But not in the way you think. The ONLY reason that sanctions hurt the common (very common indeed!) Iranian people, is because EVERY SINGLE COMMODITY IN THE IRANIAN ECONOMY IS CONTROLLED BY A BAZARI OLIGARCH OR A SEPAH MERCHANT WHO IS ON THE US LIST OF KNOWN PROVEN UNDENIABLE TERROR SPONSORS.

Your assumption that the US is sanctioning goods, is wrong. The US sanctions target Iranians. Specifically, Bad Iranians. Who being unable to gouge the Iranian people at will, proceed to raise prices.

So you are right. US Sanctions technically harms the Iranian people. But you are wrong.  

Iranian Oligarchs negotiating with the dumb ass idiot brigade of the US, schemed that once the US lifted the sanctions, American and EU money would come pouring into Iran. And that they would presumably loot it. The idea was to go from Millions looted from Iran, to Billions looted from America and Europe. This was touted as “Investment in the Infrastructure of Iran”.

To be honest, it was a pretty damn good robbery.

The problem was, America and the EU thought that now that Iran was open for business again, that meant that Iran was going to buy all of their shit. Once they found out Iran expected them to actually invest in Iran, and pay for new shiny factories in Iran, built by shiny Iranian construction contractors, owned by the Bazaris and Sepah, with all the commissions that naturally go with it. 

“…Mike, Michel, Sven, you understand, these fees are for the necessary permits, paperwork, and approvals, you understand, Iran is a very bureaucratic country, and certain protocols have to be followed, you understand, here let me hold your wallet for you…”.

The scam gets better. Of course, Iranian-built factories paid for by America and EU, have to of course hire Iranian workers (Iranian worker? Isn’t that an oxymoron?). But Bazaris and new to the show but fast learning Sepah, having had no competition for dealmaking in 40 years, and used to merely taking what they wanted, have lost the famous Persian edge for the Art of the Mercantile. On a level playing field, the average 21st century Iranian Bazari, is simply no good at it anymore. And unfortunately even an EU businessman has some sense, and can sniff a scam when he smells one. After all.

As has been proven after the past 2 years that the Iran Deal has been in place with barely any sanctions holding anyone back, no American or EU business has really done much in Iran. Ok maybe France. Then again, would YOU ever buy a Peugeot? How about a Citroen? Not even a Renault? I don’t think so. Well, all 3 brands of pathetic automobile that no one in the entire world wants, are sadly available in Iran. Other than that? Not much. Not even the easily sourced Dollar dipped below 40,000 Rials in the past 2 years. In fact it went up!

The new announcement that the US under Trump would be pulling out, caused every wannabe analyst to opine endlessly on the perils. But really, here’s the rub. Trump has unknowingly made things very simple. Now Iran must choose, what it wants to do, and what it wants to be. If it can ever grow up.

Iran can choose to pursue nukes and prove itself, and it’s self-invented self-appointed and self-crowned Supreme Leader King Khamenei I, to be a liar by going back on the famous lie, “Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons, because it is forbidden in Islam…” And in doing so put Iran on a shit-list of even worse sanctions (possibly affecting iPhones! Voy Nagoo!). Iran getting nukes will also result in the total loss of face with everyone in the EU, that it has forever promised. And far worse, Iran getting nukes risks a very real war, a war everyone thinks Trump is desperately itching for. If his Putinesque aspirations are any indication. Especially now that North Korea is baiting him by pretending to come around. (Pssst-achio, Mr. Trump, he’s not coming around.)

Or, Iran can choose not to get nukes. Sanctions get lifted. Bazaris get really rich just liked they planned. In spite of their inexperience even the Sepah get rich too. Even the Mollahs get rich. Or I should say, Richer. And last but most certainly least, the Iranian people continue to get fucked. So, you know, everything can go back to normal.

But now that everyone involved knows how Iran really works, how Iran really cheats, it is of course embarrassing. For everyone. Which in Western politics, means of course, the US and EU must now double down on the bad bet they’ve made. This is why, everyone but everyone is up in arms at the US leaving the deal.

Except Trump. Trump is not normal. If Obama’s legacy was a fidget spinner, Trump has been obsessively spinning it, undoing every single Obama accomplishment since day 1.

And I have to say, as hard as it is to admit, on this one, as a Free-Iranian living comfortably in the US, with nothing to gain or lose in the Iran Deal, I have to agree.

Actually we should all agree.

Because a deal that isn’t one, that was put in place to look like one, and specifically designed to loot even more money from gullible foreigners, at the continuing expense of the Iranian people, has to be cancelled. Even if doing so continues to hurt them.

As Iranians we must all face the facts. The full Balance of our bill has come due. No more payment plan.The experiment in Islamic rule has failed. This Iranian government is representatively illegitimate. It does not represent TRULY FREE Iranian will. Yes, we all know about the so called election shows they put on. But those aren’t real either. Some of us HOPED things would get better, and we asked those of us who’ve SCREAMED, to be quiet, and just sit, and wait.

Well, here you are. Here we all are.

The secret is finally out! The Iranian government is not Iranian! It is some bizzare hybrid Arab-Iranian pseudo-Islamo-scientologist, with delusions of future grandeur, an Arabic-speaking hijacking hostage-taking paradise. Of course after everyone in the world has become successfully Shiite.

Proof? The GENUINE SURPRISE that every single retarded foreign tourist who makes the mistake of visiting Iran, expresses to everyone they can tell, once they’ve safely gotten out of Iran; “Wow! The Iranian people are Sooooo friendly! I was totally expecting something else!”

Meester Terrump, my ferend. You were right. And Iran is totally something else.