The report by Guardian on Trump people hiring an Israeli group to find dirt on the people pushing for Obama’s disastrous legacy nuke deal is yet to be verified, however, the lifetime president of NIAC lobby, which does the bidding for the Islamist fascists has jumped on it pronto.

Here is what NIAC Lobby claims in an email:

“Trump hired Israeli spy firm to target Obama & NIAC”

And here is what Ben Rhodes, who as the Islamist appeaser-In- Chief Obama’s “echo chamber” man was intimate with NIAC Lobby, says about the Guardian report:

“Why would someone feel the need to do this to win a debate about the merits of the Iran Deal?

What message does this send to people entering into public service?”

This is from a guy “in the public service” who proudly confessed to deceptively using “echo chamber” to deceive and sell the Obama faulty legacy nuke deal to the American people through reporters.

Maryam Memarsadeghi, the Co-Founder/Co-Director of Tavaana, the E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society, reacted thusly to Ben Rhodes:

“Funny you should ask, Ben Rhodes. Why'd you feel need to propel Iran echo chamber in support of deal?

Even took public pride in it & tried to neutralize Iran's most principled democrats who opposed it. As if making nice with Khamenei & enabling Syria's annihilation are noble.”

When all is said and done, the price paid in opportunities lost for real peaceful and lasting changes in the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions of refugees flooding everywhere including Europe, deceiving the American democracy, short-circuiting and polarizing it by clandestinely echo-chambering to bypass Congressional approval just to get Obama’s faulty legacy nuke deal with the unreformable, expansionist and warmongering Islamist fascists, will far, far surpass the little, if any short-term value, at best 8 years, it might have had.

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it. 

Ps. the lifetime president of Islamist fascists’ NIAC lobby crying foul is rich, very rich.