Trump’s approach to disarming North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is a page out of Obama’s JCPOA or “Barjaam.”

First try to bring them to the negotiating table and when that fails talk about “all options are on the table, including military” or “fire and fury or my nuclear button is bigger than yours.” Then take the case to the UN Security Council and get Russia and China to support the harsh sanctions.

After a while, the “carrot and stick” strategy will start to work and a person from Kim Jong-un’s “Beit-e-Rahbari” will go to a 3rd country and asks for negotiations. Then the President will dispatch a high ranking member of the cabinet to meet the officials and agree to some concessions by Iran/N. Korea and some economic incentives by the US and the allies.

Once the negotiations start, you make sure that regime-change and human rights are not on the table, and you agree that after dismantling the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site near Natanz-Haeju and the Heavy Water Facility in Arak-Kaechon, the financial benefits will flow. As always IAEA will be monitoring and after a period of 10-15 years N. Korea can resume its peaceful nuclear activities. And somewhere in there, the 3 Korean-American hostages/prisoners will be freed, after some money has changed hands.

Everything will move according to the plan until the next US President comes to the office and decides that he doesn’t like the agreement!