There is an American expression which says, “If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.” And that basically sums up the views of many Iranian opposition groups in the diaspora. They tend to blame one US politician or party for all our problems and another one becomes our savior. To these people, the presidency of Donald Trump has become the pivotal point in the collapse of the IR Regime. And their focus is completely on Trump and his cabinet and not what’s happening on the streets of Iran.

First they cheered when Trump appointed 4 generals to his cabinet. They jumped up and down when they heard the names of “Mad Dog” Mattis, Kelly, McMaster and Flynn. They thought that a military confrontation in the Persian Gulf was imminent followed by a total collapse of the Regime. A year later, 2 of the generals are gone and the 3rd one on the way out and not a single bullet has been fired.

Then it was Pompeo and Ayatollah Mike D’Andrea at the CIA. The same Ayatollah Mike that tracked down Osama in Pakistan and landed the Navy Seals on his rooftop. They assumed that the CIA had something exciting up its sleeve. But a year later, they are only getting the credit for the Christmas uprising in more than 100 Iranian cities. Really? Was that the CIA? Are you sure?

Then it was the ex Exxon-Mobil CEO Tillerson who was going to leverage his relationships in the Persian Gulf and get all his Arab buddies to unite and stand up to the Regime. Trump took his family to Riyadh and did the sword dance with Bin Salman and sold 100’s of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment. Nikki Haley at the UN went on the attack and showed the missile parts made by the Regime. But at the end, the Saudis went after the Qataris instead which pushed them into the arms of the IR Regime and Turkey; there was no international consensus on how to confront the Regime and no support from the Iranians for the Saudi-led opposition to the Regime. A year later, Tillerson is gone and nothing is happening at the UN with the Russian and the Chinese veto threat hanging over the Security Council.

Then it was Trump himself that got into the action and promised to tear up the Nuclear Deal by next month and put economic pressure on the Regime. But with all the trade wars that he has started with the Chinese and the allies, no one is jumping on his bandwagon. He also extended his verbal support to the Iranian people, but nobody in Iran really cared.

Now, today is John Bolton’s 1st day as Trump’s National Security Advisor at the While House and the same bunch of people are salivating that John ‘Sag Seebeel” is going to go after the Regime immediately. Well, we will see.

There’s however one person that has the ability and the wherewithal to actually come up with a plan and go after the IR Regime and give us a reasonable chance of success. That person is the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a man of dignity and ability. Unfortunately for us, he’s busy going after another regime, here in the US!