Let me first declare: I’m not a Trump fan. I did not vote for him, mainly because of his environmental and economic policies and his pandering to the religious right--- and also because he’s insane and has no ethics. That being said, what always amazes me is that the majority of West residing Iranians that I encounter are completely batshit, lunatic liberals of the Noam Chomsky type—even the younger generation. They go batshit crazy every time a Republican politician does or says the slightest thing. They tweet, post on Facebook, write petitions, and some even put on Chafiyehs and protest in the streets of NYC.  But when you ask the same people about the government of Iran---the ultimate personification of a right wing religious government---, they engage in the most severe type of acrobatics of bullshit and bend over backwards (to the extent that their craniums get inserted into their rectums) to rationalize, justify, apologize for, ignore, and divert attention from the Islamic Republic—one of the most brutal and barbaric regimes the world has ever seen. I mean, for Nature’s sake, the IR is the ONLY regime in modern history that has attacked embassies and has taken diplomats hostage. Not even Pol Pot, Stalin, or Hitler stooped this low to attack diplomatic missions. But ask the average West residing Iranian about the hostage taking by the IR, and the bullshit acrobatics begin: well, it was just a “thing” at that time, it was a revolution…and of course, my favorite: what about 1953?

Can someone explain this apparent disconnect and split personality of the Iranian diaspora? I sure as hell can’t…and trust me, I’ve tried.