Yesterday, Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, took the matter of the Iranian protests to the UN Security Council (UNSC) and delivered a relatively strong statement condemning the IR Regime. It looked from the beginning that she might be able to get sufficient votes to pass a resolution and forcing Russia or China to veto the bill. But something different happened.

The other 4 permanent members of the UNSC as well as the 10 non-permanent members spoke one by one, and although the majority spoke of human rights and the need to respect the non-violent protests, the speeches all turned into the role of the UNSC in this matter. Almost unanimously ambassadors from Peru, Bolivia, Sweden, Holland, Poland, France, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and the Africans stated that the Security Council should only deal with the matters threatening the world peace and security, and the protests in Iran are an internal matter. The Russian Ambassador even mocked Nikki Haley and brought up the LA Riots, Ferguson protests and the Occupy Wall Street as examples where the US police and the National Guards put down the protests heavy-handedly.

Several ambassadors also lectured Nikki Haley on how the UNSC acted in unison and passed the Resolution 2231, Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) stopping the nuclear weapons proliferation.

The IR Regime’s Khoshroo spoke last. In very poor English, he read a 10-15 page document which was a long litany of complaints against the US covering everything from the US “coup” against Mosaddegh, support for the late Shah, support for Saddam, chemical attacks, Iran Air downing over the Persian Gulf, etc. At the end, he also got into US National Guards attacks on Kent State, Rodney King affair and other protests. He even had the audacity to say that in democratic societies like Iran people have the right to protest!

When everything was said and done, it was clear that the votes were not there and Nikki Haley did not ask for a vote and the meeting ended unceremoniously. So how should the protestors in Iran judge the UNSC’s action or lack thereof? Should they regard this exercise as a sign that the international community does not care about their fate? Are the statements of support from the Trump Administration all slogans, useless promises, and feel good tweets by a deranged mind?

It is hard to tell. But for one thing, next time that Nikki Haley takes a matter to the UNSC she should make sure that at least our allies are fully onboard and ready to support her, instead of what took place yesterday.

The picture is IR Regime’s ambassador Khoshroo (nice-face in Farsi!)

Talk about people unclear on the concept!