The ongoing nationwide protests by Iranians have gotten many in the West worried; unfortunately EU seems to be poised to continue to back the wrong horse in Iran.

Claiming there is a faction in the expansionist and warmongering Islamists fascism which is reformist, the ex-American president Obama and all of EU put all their eggs in the basket of the illusive Islamist fascist reformists.

With the Iranian people protesters being confronted by the “reformist” gang hand in hand with the non-reformist Islamist fascists, EU continues with its wrongheaded policy.

Here is Natan Sharansky, the famed former Soviet dissident’s take on EU’s Iran policy in light of the ongoing nationwide protestors calling for an end to the Islamist fascism rule:

“Macron and the other European leaders have gotten the Iran moment backward and once again failed to understand the nature of the Iranian regime with whom they desperately want to deal -- just as some in the West were motivated to see the Soviet regime as reasonable.

Macron believes that Western solidarity with Iranians who seek an end to their tyranny will anger the tyrants and lead to war. Engagement with the regime instead will, theoretically, create opportunities for Iranians to gradually open up their society over time.”

No doubt, America under Obama made the historic mistake of appeasing Islamist fascists, which lead to half million Syrian dead, millions of refugees, wars in Yemen and elsewhere by the Islamist fascists.

Time to back freedom craving Iranians, who openly oppose expansionism and warmongering of the Islamist fascists, is at hand, EU needs to correct its past mistakes.

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.