Exactly 39 years ago to the day, the 4 western powers, US, UK, France and W. Germany got together in the island of Guadalupe and plotted a path forward for Iran which paved the way for the late Shah’s departure and Khomeini’s power-grab that has resulted in death and misery for the Iranian people.

Today, the leaderless Iranian people, from all walks of life are out on the streets protesting the IR Regime and asking for justice. So far, with the exception of a few words of encouragement from Trump’s White House and some words of caution from the Europeans, the civilized world has not offered any tangible assistance or a strategy for going forward. This lack of unity for a strategy is compounded by the other significant obstacle which is lack of any meaningful leverage by the international community over the Iranian Regime.

I believe that civilized world needs to come together, show a unified front, come up with a plan and put a few things on the table to keep this movement on the streets and force the IR Regime to concede power in the near future and pave the way for a free and fair referendum. In other words, we need another Guadalupe Conference.

There are also a couple of things that Trump can do by himself that will show his seriousness and willingness to stand by the Iranian people. First remove the visa ban on the Iranian people immediately. That action will clearly demonstrate that he’s distinguishing between the Iranian people and their oppressors.  

Second, the US needs to publish the names and the bank account information of the Regime heads and their family members around the world. This information is available to the US Treasury Department, the CIA and other intelligence agencies. For example, Soleimani’s daughter goes to school in Malaysia and probably has a fat bank account. Many of the IR Regime’s people and relatives have accounts in Turkey, UAE and Canada. Reza Zarrab most likely has revealed information about Halkbank and his money laundering activities which should be published.

Iranian people need this type of information to stay motivated and on the streets.

Happy New Year!