The Supreme Court just allowed the third travel ban to take effect, pending the decisions made by the Courts of Appeal. That means the travel ban is now in effect unless we win our appeals this week.


We need to show up in the courtroom this Friday in Richmond, Virginia to show the court that this matters - that this harms our families, our communities, and the future of our country.


Join us in the courtroom this Friday, December 8th, as the Fourth Circuit’s federal appeals court in Virginia hears our arguments against the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban 3.0. Your presence is vital.


In January thousands showed up at airports across the country, which helped block the first travel ban. Now the judges deciding the fate of our communities need to see our faces in the courtroom and know that we are here, we are visible, and that we represent the many people across the country and world whose lives hang in the balance.


We will represent the families - siblings, spouses, grandparents, and children who, despite having a large stake in the outcome of this case, cannot be in the courtroom. 


We cannot allow our communities to be banned in a courtroom while we are absent. We will be visible without being disruptive - further challenging the demonization of our communities that attempts to paint us as a threat. IAAB will hand out red 'Ayandeh' shirts representing the future of our communities in this country that disappears if the ban remains in effect.


Join us: 


Friday, December 8th at


US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

1100 East Main Street

Richmond, Virginia 23219


We are the future of this country that must not be made invisible. We are #IAABvTrump.


We need you to join us and show the court that this matters, that we matter.


Join us at #IAABvTrump and help us make our voices heard. 


* Hearing begins at 9am, but it is recommended that you arrive at least one hour prior to get through security.


Alliances Across Borders (IAAB)

154 Grand Street

New York, New York 10013