On Friday December 1st, the World Cup draw for the next summer’s tournament in Russia will take place and the 32 teams from the 5 continents will be drawn in 8 different groups. The draw will be hosted by the beautiful Russian TV personality Maria Komandnaya and the famous English footballer and TV sports figure Gary Lineker. It is anticipated that 100’s of millions of viewers will be glued to their TV’s and computers to see which teams will be grouped together and who can advance to the next rounds. The event will also be televised live in Iran on Seda & Seema, or so it seems.

Back in 2014, Fernanda Lima (picture above) was the hostess of the WC draw and in Iran, football personality Ferdowsipour and the popular 90’ program were all set and ready to broadcast the program live and engage in lengthy discussions and speculations about the chances of the Iranian team and others, until the first pictures of Fernanda Lima in her sexy dress appeared on their TV sets! There was no way that they could put that on the screens for the Iranian public viewing. And drawing a big black rectangle on her dress, covering everything from her neck down would’ve seemed absolutely stupid and ridiculous, even by the IR Regime’s standards. So they did not show the program live and narrated the events for the viewers. Something like eating a big tasty cream puff and describing the feeling to your friend over the phone! Fernanda Lima’s social network accounts were also attacked by the Iranian Basijis and 1000’s of insults were posted.

So it’s now all wait and see in Iran, and Ferdowsipour and his colleagues are waiting anxiously to see what wardrobe selection Ms. Komandnaya will make for the event.

The 2018 World Cup draw will take place on Friday Dec. 1st at 7 AM Pacific time at Kremlin State Palace.