After Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul, was outed, it seems there is hardly a day goes by without revelation of other high profile sexual criminals being outed.

And it is not limited to U.S., other free countries; France and England are experiencing similar public purging.  

The least of the problem the outed sexual predators face in the free world is immediate loss of face, position and lucrative deals. Most, if not all, will also face criminal changes, and the ruinous lawsuits filed by victims going after them financially.

However, In Iran where Islamist fascists Claim to be the “first government of Allah on earth” and boasting of being the most virtuous governance, things work differently.

Saeed Toosi, the favorite Quran reciter of the lifetime Führer in the Islamist fascism, has been publically accused by 19 boys who claim he has sexually abused them, Toosi has even admitted to “doing wrong and promising to not do it again”.

To date, some of the accusers have been prosecuted by the Islamist fascist judiciary and the accused child molester is free as a bird without facing any consequence.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

 Picture above, accused American actor Kevin Spacey, who has immediately lost many lucrative contracts and is facing more consequences for his alleged sexual behavior with boys and  Saeed Toosi who is doing just fine.