My experience with drugs has been tame. I enjoy pot and that’s about it. I have tried cocaine but felt nothing. Same with mushrooms. I even tried ayahuasca, twice, and all I did was purge all night.

So the other night when my friend invited me to try DMT, I was like, whatever. I had heard the name but knew nothing other than it was a hallucinogen.

I went upstairs into her bedroom. There were seven or eight people sitting on the floor in a circle. I was friends with most of them. A good crowd.

The pipe was passed around. One by one we fired a small crystal and went into a different world for five to ten minutes.

There was nothing strange or extraordinary in the expressions of the five people who smoked before me. One quietly curled up on the bed. Another could not inhale and wasn’t affected much. The third closed his eyes and smiled: “Oh wow…” The two others before me had a nice, serene dream, too, it seemed.

More than an hour passed pretty much uneventfully. Why am I here? I thought if I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and instead went home to bed there would be no regrets.

When the pipe was passed to me, I looked at the crystal inside. It looked bigger than I expected. I lit it and took the deepest breath I could. Within a second a bright explosion hurled me into the universe.

“Oh god…” I mumbled, or something to that effect, and wilted onto the floor.

Moments later when I opened my eyes the physical world appeared normal but everything was covered in rainbow colors. I was completely surprised, startled, astonished, awestruck at what I was seeing. How could this be? Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow…


Information about DMT