I don't approve of Trump calling the "Persian Gulf", the "Arabian Gulf " and I know exactly why he is doing this pushed by Saudi and Israeli backers. It was not an accident. However I like the idea that Iran will have to make an effort to prove it is worthy of western trust. Their record in foreign policy and meddling in Syria or with Hezbollah and Hamas or in Yemen are no secret. As such I approve of Trump's harsh line and am chuckling at how NIAC and Trita Parsi are now in a less comfortable position to defend the IRI. Boasting that Iran is run by "moderates" as oppposed to "hardliners" is no more an argument. The nature of the Iranian regime and it's own behavior will be scrutinized and observed by all the powers in the region. I am not optimistic about the outcome eitherway. Iran is actually in a position to benefit from certain hard talk by the Trump administration and they are creative enough to counter it by offering their own share of "solutions" that will draw European Allies in siding with Iran where NIAC and it's think tanks will be striving to do in Europe exactly what they achieved doing in terms of lobbying in the US for the past 15 years. However tables are turning and the Iranian regime will be at crossroads ideologically and that to me is the most interesting development to follow in the months and years to come if Trump maintains his tough stance. It is a pity that there is no credible opposition to offer a serious Alternative to the IRI so regime change is not something that I see as a possibility by any stretch of the imagination. However Iran will have to face it's own history and past both ideologically and in terms of what it deems as "nationalism" in an age of War where the region is torn apart by regional conflicts ranging from the War in Syria and Yemen and the Israeli and Palestinian lingering differences. The Hardliners will show their ugly face and the so called reformists will have to prove how "reformist" they are. What do they mean by reform ? What is their vision of Iran's constructive role in improving relations with it's neighbours ? What is their views on the mandatory hijab ? will they keep insisting on it even when their Film Stars and directors are awarded at the Oscars or at international festivals like Cannes, Venice or Berlin ? What will they do if Islamic terrorism spreads across Europe and the US ? Will Iran offer help in terms of intelligence ? etc ... 

Europeans also have to come to terms with their own hypocrisy in sending their officials to Iran wearing the veil and speaking about Women Rights. 

All actors in the region will be confronted not just to what they consider as being their interests but more importantly their Values. 

For all these reasons Iran's behavior both externally but also internally will be very interesting to observe. 

If Europeans want to present the islamic republic as a lovely democracy when in fact they are putting lipstick on Pig and encourage everyone to kiss it ... weIl be my guest ... personally I will never kiss a Pig with or without a lipstick !

My only satisfaction is that those who do : NIAC Trita Parsi and his think tanks put together by the likes of Gary Sick, Barbara Slavin and other likeminds will be in a more uncomfortable position of having to choose between their consicence and the reality on the ground which is bound to become worse and more gruesome in the months and years to come due to the human rights violation and genocide across the region and Syria in particular where Iran and it's allies ( Russia ) have their own share of responsibility.