Yesterday Rajab Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist president, was in Iran and held talks with Islamist fascists on Iraq’s Kurds plan for independence.

According to the news, Islamist fascists’ unelected, lifetime Führer has told the Turkish Islamist:

“Foreign powers, and in particular the Zionist regime, are seeking to create a new Israel and means of dispute in the region.”

Israel is the one and only democracy in the Middle East, her people can vote in and out their leaders and she is the regional leader, in some aspects the world’s, in cutting-edge technology, medical science, agriculture, environmental protection and alike.

Should the expansionist, warmongering lifetime Islamist fascist Führer be right about the new Kurdish nation in northern Iraq bordering Iran being a new Israel, one question more than any other comes to mind.

Isn’t that wishing the best for Kurdistan to become another such successful nation as Israel is?

Lets hope Israel will be the model for all countries in Middle East, including the future Palestine and Turkey, which is sliding into becoming another Islamist fascism just like Iran.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.


Ps. Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic ally. The sooner the expansionist warmongering Islamist fascism in Iran is relegated to the dustbin of history, the sooner these two great nations can begin rebuilding the savage Islamist ravaged Middle East and bring back peace to the area.

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