For students of it and those who want to get a sense of what likely transpired, History is not a blueprint but a guide. Understanding Shah’s demise is one of those key moments that has and continues to be an enigma.


A large volume of documents from the direct and indirect impact of coordinated and uncoordinated events that brought Shah down remain secret even after 4 decades. Likely because too much of West’s hypocrisy may be exposed by how they handled the whole situation in Iran and how they treated their best long time friend. The problem of West was that unlike the rapist republic, and others that followed in the region and elsewhere, Shah was friendly with the West with best interest of Iran at heart. He made his share of mistakes and blunders but it is hard to argue that Iran with Shah was a pretty good place for Iranians and the pillar that held the whole region stable. His demise started a cluster fuck that is still ongoing; and a showcase of not just American incompetence in foreign affairs but broader Western hypocrisy and demise because it could not hold to its own core values.

Shah’s departure benefitted all the formal and informal extremists from Afghanistan to Iraq to Israel.

In a 2004 interview Margaret Thatcher noted rise of Reagan and Iranian revolution as the two most important events of the latter half of twentieth century. Reagan ushered in Friedman economics and the disparity we see today all over the world, and Iranian revolution was a prelude to “The End of History” and a world we see without any moral compass.

There is an expose of how Shah was treated by his “allies” and “friends” with the title of “A dying king”, ‘How one man’s death changed history’

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I am not endorsing it as I have yet to see it but there are many Medical people who were close to this including Morton Coleman, Shah’s Oncologist in it. I’m hoping it sheds some light on what happened to Shah as politics of his historic departure from the scene are unavoidable. His demise was a major contributor to not just taking happiness from Iran but also start of a downhill trend for the world.