Few hours ago in Tirana Albania, a delegation of senior U.S. Senators met with Madam Maryam Rajavi, “The President-elected of the Iranian Resistance.”

This is excellent news given during the eight disastrous years of the Islamist fascist appeaser-in-chief; Iranian opposition meeting with high U.S. officials was taboo for the Obama administration.

In return for his faulty legacy nuke deal with the lifetime Islamist fascist Führer, Obama literally turned his back on millions of peaceful Iranian demonstrators on the streets of Iran shouting:

“Obama, Obama, you’re either with them (Islamist fascists) or with us” (video).

Now is the time of the twitter-in-chief in the White House, who claims to want to clean up Obama’s many foreign policy legacy messes.

Messes all related to Obama's fecklessness allowing the warmongering Islamist fascists to run amok resulting in crimes against humanity in Syria, where his red line against usage of chemical weapons by the murderous Syrian Battists under the thumb of Iran’s Islamist fascists was crisscrossed with impunity.

Of course Islamist fascists saw who they’re dealing with and openly waged expansionist wars in Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq.   

Lets hope this White House in the rush to clean up Obama’s messes, does not repeat the same unforgivable Obama policy in reverse.

Iran’ emancipation from the unreformable Islamist fascism will have a direct and positive effect on the ongoing bloodlettings in the Middle East.

Iran’s emancipation will not be achieved by replacing one bankrupt ideologue with another.

Iran’s emancipation must be done by a coalition of all the opposition.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.