First a definition of what this short blog is about: a set of principles that applies differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people or circumstances than to another;

A clear example of double standard, as defined above by Webster, can be seen in how Islamist fascist rulers of Iran and their likeminded rabid anti-Semites think of security walls.

They condemn Israel for building a security wall to hinder the infiltration of terrorist assassins bent on murdering her civilian citizens, and publically laud the wall Turkey in building to block hapless Iranians fleeing the murderous Islamist fascist rulers of Iran.

Here is Bahram Ghassemi, Islamist fascist foreign ministry spokesman's reaction to the news of Turkey building the wall:

“We welcome all kinds of actions that will increase security and stability at the border.”

Hey lovelies, what gives with the double standard?


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.