It’s six months into Trump’s presidency and he has already re-certified the Iran Nuclear Deal twice. The same Deal that he called the worst deal ever and promised to tear it apart on the first day in the office. But he has changed his mind and has asked his Secretary of State Tillerson to take a closer look at the Deal and critique it. Tillerson, while acknowledging that the IR Regime has complied with its commitments, declared that the IR has not lived up to the “spirit” of the Deal; the “evil spirit” of the Deal! 

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration has not lived up to any of his promises regarding the IR. It has not shot the annoying Sepah speedboats out of Persian Gulf waters. It has not confronted them in Iraq or Syria. Boeing and Airbus sales are proceeding without any objections from Trump or the Republican majority. Even a legislation to sanction Sepah is stuck in the Congress because Trump doesn’t want to offend Putin since the Russian sanctions are part of the same deal.

And to make the matters worse, French President Macron told Trump that the French oil giant Total will be making billions of dollars of investment in IRAN’s oil and gas fields. Trump didn’t seem to care much after having dinner with Melania and the Macrons at the Jules Verne Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, an over-priced “tourist trap” that only simple farm girls from Slovenia seem to adore!

So, does all of this look familiar?

Of course, remember cooperating with the IR Regime in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Cheney’s Haliburton defying the sanctions and doing business in Iran until 2006, and yes, let’s not forget; W. Bush did call them a member of the “Axis of Evil.” That sure kept everyone up at night!

In contrast, Obama stopped the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation in the Middle East by putting the IR Regime’s nuclear enrichment Genie back in the bottle, at no cost to the US, not a dollar spent, not a person got injured.

OK, the Secretary of State John Kerry fell off his bike in Geneva and was on crutches for several months.

I stand corrected!