As the sudden loss of Maryam Mirzakhani - the 40 year old Iranian math genius living and teaching in America - is sinking in, the rush of other pains compound it.

While millions of her people are poor and many millions in abject poverty, Iran is a very rich country. Her wealth is not limited to oceans of oil and gas underneath the ground, given the opportunity and freedom to blossom; her incredibly talented people would make any country rich beyond wildest imagination.

In some areas they’re more prominent, like the IT, in others less visible, but a glace at any major industry in the West, would quickly show the footprints of talented Iranians.

After the Islamist fascist revolution, and for the past 40 years, millions of Iranian, nearly 6 million have fled Iran to get away from the brutality and oppression, the outward flow is continuing.

As the world’s leader in brain drain, estimated to be somewhere above 150,000 per year, the billions of dollars that are stolen by the ruling Islamist fascists and stashed in western countries, the many billions spent on warmongering in Syria, Yemen, …and all their other nefarious activities, pale in comparison to what Iran and Iranian people are losing 24/7 in human capital flight.

Immensely sorrowful times like this, with the loss of Maryam, brings back all the pain of witnessing what Iran and Iranians are unnecessarily suffering due to the unreformable rule of Islamist fascism.


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.