At one time Martha Stewart was America’s undisputed queen of cooking shows, which she parlayed into other ventures making her millions.

That is before she was caught with insider trading. After a lengthy trial, Martha became a convicted felon and was carted off to federal penitentiary for five months, which was followed with five months of house arrest and two years of probation. 

Her public rehabilitation program begun in earnest by Martha appearing on national networks in cooking segments, and now her Public Broadcasting shows, “Martha Stewart’s cooking school” and “Martha bakes” are in their 5th & 7th seasons.

Qatar Airways and Al-Jazeera satellite television, both owned by the government of Qatar, are the new sponsors of her 5th season of show on PBS.

In the past few segments, after the Qatari sponsorship, Martha has been introducing her audience to the delicious cuisine of the “Arabian Gulf.”

Given the Qatari government bedding down with the warmongering, uber international terror sponsoring Islamist fascist rulers of Iran has got it into serious trouble with her Arab neighbors, and given the usual useful ones, who selectively attack those using the fictitious “Arabian Gulf” for the body of water for many millennia known as the Persian Gulf, and given the fuzzy feeling the said lefties have developed for Qatar because of her Iran related predicament, question:

Why these Persian Gulf loving lefties selectively show their anger of transgressors of that historical name?

What gives?


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.