Sir David Clementi,
Chairman of the BBC
PO Box 1922


Subject : Independent, impartial and honest services of Persian BBC

Honourable David Clementi,

It has been a long tradition of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to advance a claim of contribution to the promotion of the culture of liberty, democracy and human right around the world through accurate, unbiased and impartial dissemination of news. However, we regret to inform you that when it comes to the BBC Persian broadcasting service this objective has not been met and in some cases. it has operated as a propaganda loudspeaker and a sympathetic supporter of Islamic terrorism and the ruling parties who have been involved in the acts of terror within Iran as well as outside the country.

Some of the Persian BBC political analysts have gone so far as to inflame the racial and religious hatred within Europe and inside UK. we suffice one example here out of some documented instances of such infringements. We request you permit us to have a meeting with you so our representatives in London could provide the testimonies and documents relevant to those who work in Persian BBC as well as some of their invited guests in their programs with the hope to remedy these infringements.

Mr. Ali Alizadeh, who has participated as an expert and political analyst in some of the Persian BBC programs, in his latest analysis of the recent terrorist act in UK accuses the British Government as the culprit for this act of terror.  He goes further in his remarks to inflame any possible religious or ethnic hatred that may exist among Muslim and non-Muslims in the country (1).  He who as a political refugee lived and studied in the UK, has cooperated with the government run media in Iran (2), he has supported terrorist and war mongering policies of the Islamic Republic (3) He has also supported the groups who advocate terrorist acts in the Middle East. (4)

We as a group of concerned Iranian citizens within Iran as well as outside the country are interested in accurate, impartial and unbiased news and information so people can decide on their own how to run their lives productively and within a peaceful, non-contentious environment.  We are seeking to reduce tension in the international arena and foster peaceful means to resolve conflicts.  As such we are against hatred, fear mongering and racial and ethnic tensions around the world and specifically in our region in the Middle East.  We welcome your policies to adhere to these principals and as such are not happy to see the examples mentioned above.

Thank for for your time and attention to this critical issue.


Cc: Mr. Tony Hall, Director General, BBC
Cc: Mr. Tim Davie, CEO BBC Worldwide and Global Director
Cc: Mr. David Jordan, Director, Editorial Policy and Standards
Cc: Ms. Sarah Gibson, Editor Language Services

1. Please see interview Mr. Alizadeh in B.B.C Persian about terror attack in London Saturday  night at London Bridge/ 3rd of June 2017 


3. 3.



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