As "Shahrvand" Reza tries desperately to buy time for his incompetent shora and sell his naive agenda for regime change through various channels in a bid to get some media coverage ( you know the mantra ... "I am working hard to save Iran in between vacations photoshooting and encouraging my daughter to become a Fashion Model in NY " ... ok fair enough he may not be saying it exactly in those terms but that is what it boils down to anyways  smiley ) the harsh facts on the diplomatic front suggests a very different reality than the one promoted in glossy fashion and royal magazines.

His illustrious mother the Shahbanou will continue no doubt to show a brave glamourous face for Point de Vue Magazine to everyones delight but beyond the polite smiles and sweet nostalgic talks with Western Public figures or politicians during social events in Paris, London or Washington ... none of that will ever translate into any serious political support of anykind be it for the Royal Family and even less for what they are supposed to defend but don't: The Restoration of the Monarchy let alone the "freeing Iran"  (as RP often prefers to claim given that defending the monarchy is not his priority) . 

Of course RP's Secretariat and unconditional fans (who are anything but genuine monarchists with the slightest political vision but dreamers at best ) will claim the contrary.

The sad and bitter fact remains that nobody sees RP as a serious alternative to the islamic republic which ultimately 
RP himself legitimized on the long run by jumping on the Pro Green Bandwagon and the reformist camp. 

Whatever capital which could have been used efficiently to promote the genuine monarchist cause was wasted by a Royal family which have served as useful idiots to the west residing Islamic Apologists, ex revolutionaries and NIAC supporters under various disguises.

All this under the very noses of our Naive Royals so worried about political correctness that they ended up becoming the instruments of their own demise and political ineptitude.  

So goes the saying in French diplomatic circles these days  ...

"Au Revoir Pahlavi ... Bonjour Zarif !"


Bye Bye Pahlavi ... Hello Zarif ! 


SIGH ! ...


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