Goodness how out of touch is McCain ... and even more this incompetent opposition ?


This is what John McCain said when meeting RP : "Calling him the Spiritual Leader"


WATCH Here (this is the FB Link to Tagato Website )


Make sure to watch this video before it starts getting Re Edited by RP's incompetent Staff and his "malijak" Nikahang Kowsar.


The footage has already been conveniently reedited in other avaibable footage on youtube. So don't wait too long to see for yourselves.


Just in case you don't accuse me of making this up here is the exact transcript of what we heare in this video ( before and if it get's reedited)  :


John McCain: "My message to the iranian people, is that we now have a new administration, Yes it is unpredictable, but the last administration was unfortunately predictable, in otherwords it failed. It failed to stand up for democracy and freedom. We are going to send our folks to Radio Free Europe. We are going to work with all our opposition friends here including the spiritual leader ( Note:  he is pointng to RP) ... and we will succeed. Right now Iran ( Note : he doesn't say IRI he say's Iran) is succeeding in establishing a cord going all the way from Tehran to Beirut. That is very dangerous ... and so we'eve got alot of work to do. But I believe the Iranian people are sophisticated, are knowledgable people ( Note: Ajab lotf kardee) and they want their freedom."  


Nikahang Kowsar: "Are you going to help monitor BBG (Board of Broadcast Governers) VOA Persian but also Radio Farda ?"


John McCaine: "We understand how our folks out there hate to go to Prague ... ( chuckles) but they are going to go ... we have been fooling around for some time ... this isn't just about Iran ... it is about the way things have operated since the end of the Cold War. So my message is help is on the way, we have a work to do but I cannot predict always what president Trump will do ... but I can predict that he's got the best people around him that I have seen in many many years. "



This BEE SAVAD opposition is a Laughing embarrassment ...


RP sounds and behaves more like the son of some unknown South American Dictator or Cuba's Batista desperately seeking help from any Low Life politician to support his lost cause.


Is this fellow truly the once heir to 25 centuries of Persian Monarchy and Civilization ?


The Poor Shah must be turning in his grave by now seeing how poorly his son is representing him and his dynasty on the world stage  ...