Aside the many ongoing proxy wars, the war of words between Arab states led by Arabia and Iran shows no sign of easing; it is increasingly inching toward a direct hot war.

There are those who seemingly are happy with Arabia-Iran war, chief among them are Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all- who are ruling over Iran.

By all measures the 38 year Islamist revolution in Iran has failed miserably, economy is on its deathbed, astronomical corruption in government has become a national sport and social maladies including rampant prostitution, child labor-abuse, addiction … are the new normal.

Looking for breathing ground by tapping into the historic anti-Arab sentiment in Iran, which is the mirror image of anti-Persian feelings in Arab nations, the Islamist fascists are pouring fuel on the fire.

This is another dangerous miscalculation, just as was the egging on Saddam Hussein which resulted in eight years of bloody ruinous Iraq-Iran trench war.

Those who genuinely care for peace, those who abhor war, will not become accomplices of the Islamist fascists by backing them in their propaganda war against Arabia.

Islamist fascists’ many ongoing hot wars, their hegemonic policy, international terror sponsorship  and absolute disregard for Iranian peoples’ wellbeing and national interests is the cause that need to be unquestionably condemned.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

Picture above; Arabia's embassy in Tehran (and its consulate in Mashhad) set ablaze by government's Islamist goons.

Ps. Arabia’s horrendous human rights record, vast network of savagery teaching madrassas and alike should not blind the peace activists to the big elephant in the room, ie, the unreformable warmongering Islamist fascists.