The recent Survey by Razi on this site, brings up a very valid issue, Whether or not this recent attack which were targeted specifically at the Shrine and the parliament Building, And it asks a very key question. was this a loud and clear case of terrorism or was it not?


As we all know, it was the ISIS that did not waste a minute to take responsiblity for these attacks and that was all that everyone needed to know to put this thing to rest, Of course there were some astute and intelligent writers who knew what was really going on behind the scenes and attributed it to the real source/sources.

But what we witnessed during the course of discussion on that survey , was yet another round of muddying the water by some , to score points and push their political and pseudo-humanistic agendas.

We have people who went out of their way to compare this to the many unrelated and irrelevant acts in the middle-east and we have people who decided to take it upon themselves to deny the truth that by directing a constant barrage of insults at  an elected president, show their true colors.

Look, guys, or girls. This is the low down alright? If you can not  take the heat or in this case the truth, the please for the love of god, stay out of it  and maybe even the Kitchen