Fact is fact. As self deprecating as it is, it can no longer be denied. The majority of Iranians, at least those who are active in the cyberspace, are either all for it, or approvingly keep silent about it.

Currently there are many wars the warmongering Islamist fascists- “reformers” and all- are actively involved in, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and …

When Iranians zip it, say nothing in opposition to all the warmongerings being done in their name and with their national means,  it will come back to haunt Iran and future generations of Iranians.

Those Iranians who at the drop of a hat condemn, rightly so, the American/Israeli wars and say nothing about Russian and Islamist fascists' many wars, are after the fact accomplices in all the murders.


Sanction works, U.S. senate, get to it.

Attached vide is from the Islamist fascists’ national TV network announcing the land corridor from Iran to the Mediterranean.