It will one day be subject of thesis, scholarly forensic articles and studies by serious historians.

Until then, one can only surmise the root cause of the strange malady of Iran commies, the grand daddy being the treasonous Russian created /operated Toudeh Party and its many derivatives, rooting for the warmongering Islamist fascists -"reforers" and all- will remain undiagnosed.

The latest manifestation of this strange ailment can be seen in the recent British election. The miscalculation of Theresa May, the rightwing British PM, calling for early election in the hopes of increasing her seats in the Parliament had given hope to Iran’s west-residing commies for their capitalist comrade to become the next PM, he might yet get to be.

The interesting fact is, Jeremy Corbyn, the lefty leader of Labour party, was a paid employee of the Islamist fascists’ English language propaganda satellite channel PressTV.  

In other words; should May fail to stay in office, Iran commies will get a British PM to their liking.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.