So this week, we saw another example of savagery which has been dished out to the people of Syria by the crazed psychopath of the Dictator, Beshar Assad since the uprising of people of Syria against his cruel , corrupt dictatorship.


Dozens of people, almost all civilians, many young children , were targeted by Assad’s Air Force in a pre-Dawn aerial attack. This time They were attacked not by bombs and rockets. This time they were attacked  by chemical weapons. Cyrene gas. All the victims, the children still in their diapers and pajamas died a  painful death…..


As a father of a young family myself, I can only imagine the pain of Mr. AL Youssef, holding the lifeless bodies of his beautiful  twins , just before their burial.

As an Iranian, I feel the shame and anger of knowing these killings and murders are to a large extent being funded and executed by the fascist Islamic Regime of Iran

As an Iranian I feel sad for the seeds of hatred being sown in the hearts of Syrian people against my fellow Iranians, themselves victims of this fascistic Islamic state in Iran

As an Iranian I wish all the Syrian people to know that I consider them to be my brothers and sisters. That this is not my war. This is not Peoples war.

That Beshar Assad and Ali Khamenei and their regimes are our common enemies which one they we shall unite to overthrow as a first step towards building a society based on peace, democracy , social justice and rule of law in the war ravaged Middle East.