President Trump’s second attempt to impose travel ban on citizens of six countries, which includes Iran, has once again been stopped in its track by two federal judges.

This is excellent news on numerous grounds. It is a victory for democracy and rule of law; more importantly, it is American freedom trumping any Trump attempt to curtail it.

However, among many who benefit from two federal judges' injunctions in Hawaii and Maryland, it is great news for an Iranian lesbian looking to be safe in America:

Yesterday NPR reported:

President Trump's revised travel ban – which suspends visas from six predominantly Muslim countries and suspends refugee admittances – goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. March 16.

It covers citizens of Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Libya and has been denounced by more than 130 foreign policy experts.

Iraq, included in the original ban Trump announced, is no longer on the list of affected countries. But the new order is still affecting some in Iraq who are seeking asylum in the U.S.

NPR reached an Iranian lesbian asylum seeker in the Iraqi city of Erbil, just as she realized her hopes of reaching the U.S. would almost certainly be dashed by the revised executive order. She gives her name as Bahar – she's afraid to reveal her family name because it could cause problems for her family back in Iran.”

In other word; courtesy of American democracy, Bahar, which in Persian mean spring, will have a chance to begin living in freedom in this Persian New Year celebrating the arrival of spring.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.