It is no secret that many Iranian diaspora cultural centers in Europe and the US are run by west residing IRI apologists or former left wing revolutionaries who have highjacked the cultural scene for many years now in an attempt to speak for the entire community.

In Sweden ( on a sidenote where NIAC took off ) in particular the Iranian Communists have proven to be particularly intolerant and biased in their showcasing the Iranian community and culture by trying to dissolve it in some globalist agenda of their own and have been using any public opportunity to promote their own ideological views. 

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Celebrating the quentessential Persian New Year has become a pretext to highlight Iran not as One nation but as a series of unexisting nations within such as that of Kurdistan. The idea is to advocate and promote Separatism as a given fact and sell it to Swedish Public Opinion and by extension to the rest of the world.

Thankfully Omid Dana and his team keep up efforts in unmasking these events and investigating on the people and organizations behind them.

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