Let us be Frank. Or Ali. Or (god forbid) Donald. The recent (and future?) travel ban, is not a political travel ban aimed at 5 troubling countries and one troublemaker, Iran. It is most certainly an anti-Moslem ban. Giuliani even admitted as much.

But, would that be such a bad thing?

The Mormons certainly didn’t think so. In 1890 after mounting pressure and public outrage, the US Congress rose up against the religiously required practice of polygamy by Mormons. The Mormon church issued the Woodruff Manifesto banning the practice altogether. Ipso facto toute de suite (toot farangi?). As a result of 3 years prior in 1887, the US Congress passed the Edmunds-Tucker Act, which disincorporated the Mormon Church, and allowed the federal government to seize all the church’s assets. And even imprison many prominent polygamist Mormons.

This pressured the church leadership under Wilford Woodruff, to officially, publicly and as divinely revealed by Jesus Christ himself to Woodruff in an officially registered and certified vision, refute the practice of polygamy forever, and declare it in the highest canon of the Mormon church, “Official Declaration 1”.

5 years later, Utah was approved for statehood. Since then, many fine Mormons have gone on to great heights of success in America including a very large Church stock ownership in Coca Cola and C&H Sugar, as well as serving in the US government with extra distinction, mainly at the CIA. For some reason.

Today, Islam for lack of a better example, is pretty much akin to Mormonism. And that’s being very generous to Islam. Especially just with the obvious traditional similarity of Islam’s semi-practice of polygamy. If we add in the rest of Islam’s problems with mostly women; sexual and physical abuse, economic and social oppression, institutionalized inequality, civil rights, the whole Hejab mess, just to name a few of the damnedest ones, well, you get the point. Maybe not.

But let us be extra generous (and careful) and say that in 2017 Islam is right where Mormonism was in 1890. And although Islam has not budged past the 7th century, it is actually far better off today than Mormonism was in 1890. To date the US Congress has not passed a law allowing the federal government to disincorporate Mosques, or seize all Mosque assets. Although many more Moslems are in prison today, than Mormon polygamists who were imprisoned by 1890.

The result of the Edmunds-Tucker Act forced the hand of the Mormon leadership, and faced with the real threat of total dissolution, the church wisely decided to draw back from the “sexy” areas of the practice of it’s faith, in order to survive.

Virtually everyone today Moslem or heathen, blessed, or infidel, agrees that Islam as it is written and practiced, is outdated and in desperate need of a modern reformation. Especially the “sexy” parts. Even Reza Aslan would admit this, if he dared to dream an impossible Moslem dream. Which he can’t. At least not while he’s on contract with CNN and his show “Believer” which airs on Sundays (Get it?). Shhh! The boy is on a dream-quest.

The Qoran’s repeatedly problematic mis-interpretations offered by the amateur self taught “scholars” in the Hadiths, has caused nothing but trouble for Islam in the 21st century. They desperately need to be re-written. By Moslem women this time. Front and foremost is the ridiculous abuse of the ever present Fatwa, that are wasted on rewarding the faithful if they kill innocent moslems and non-moslems. Yet no one has apparently thought of issuing a Final Fatwa? Making it at once, the last Fatwa that outlaws anymore Fatwas from now on, and makes it a mortal sin for anyone to ever kill anyone for any reason anywhere anytime forever and ever and ever and ever. And can we make Bacon Halal? Amen.

The idea of Sharia law, which at once scares, angers, then erotically excites every Trump voter to their hardest core, and has the Breitbart News staff working overtime preparing the mother ship for the end of days ascension, is impractical at best, impossible at best, ridiculous at best. Plus, mixing international currency markets, global financial banking, and commodity based derivatives with any religion, is never a good thing. Even though all High Finance, especially Religion, is just simple gambling masked as not-gambling. Except Sufism. Sufism is totally real and my portfolio is up 43% ever since I started following Rumi’s investment advice. For Real Estate speculation I use Hafez Fals.

But the problem lies with Wilford Woodruff. Or, who is the Wilford Woodruff of Islam in the US? Who is in charge of All Islam in the US? Which raises yet another problem with Islam in the US. And in the greater world actually. Ayatollahs would be the first to admit (the minute they are accused) that they are only “advisers” and “teachers”. And that Allah is the one to talk to, because he’s in charge. So, as I was saying, with no one apparently in charge of the “Fastest Growing Religion (and Gun) in the West!”, there’s no one to hand all the speeding, jay-walking, public intoxication, and general mischief and misdemeanor tickets to. Felonies on the other hand, the US has covered. More than covered. Over-covered.

Especially with a ramshackle roughshod President like Trump, his trusty sidekick Bannon constantly kicking by his side, with the cattle drive cook “Salty” Giuliani, looking up how to do it legally, it is not inconceivable that just like Mormonism was put on notice in 1890, so too will Islam be put on notice in 2017.

Maybe this will force the much needed reformation of Islam. Who knows? God works in such infuriatingly mysterious ways, you seriously want to slap him sometimes.