The “America First” battle cry of Trump reminds me of Leonard Cohen’s lyric: “First we take Manhattan ... then we take Berlin”.

Fascists’ rise to power seems to have this time started in Manhattan and now is spreading all the way to Europe. Assholes everywhere are emboldened by Donald’s success and are coming close to imminent victories in Italy, France, Netherland and Germany.

Fascists have already won in Iran and most of the Middle East. Russian empire of Putin can easily be classified as a fascist state, where opposition leaders are routinely killed and poisoned. Fascism is making a comeback, and as always under the guise of Nationalism.

National Socialist party was Hitler’s organization and his stated policy was to “Make Germany Great Again”! Hitler did not care about anyone and anything else. It was first and only Germany and his suppressed and exploited White people. Socialism was right up there with Nationalism, because Hitler blamed all the Germany’s problems on the blood-sucking Semites!

Freedom is the first casualty of Fascism, because assholes hate freedom (loss of absolute power). Shah hated freedom, Khomeini hated freedom, Communists and Fascists hate freedom ... and now Trump.