Trump’s cabinet is the wealthiest ($65 billion net worth) in US history. He plans to cut the federal spending on Health, Education and Environment. Trump has also said again and again that he wants to build walls (both physically and economically) between US and the rest of the world (including Mexico and China). More importantly, Trump has promised a big tax cut for Corporate America! What does all this mean for the dummies who voted for him?

Dummies want to “make America great again”, like it was in the 1950’s and 60’s. Great meaning to make enough money to buy a big house and two cars, on a high-school dropout’s salary, working in a carwash! The 1950’s-60’s “Great” can also imply White people’s dominance, as Blacks and minorities were subdued and millions “un-Americans” around the world killed by the USA bombs and dictators (e.g. in Korea, Vietnam and Latin America). But will Trump’s stated policies deliver the Dummies to the Promised Land?

1. Federal program cuts starting with ObamaCare is music to the ears of Corporate America, who has a tremendous problem paying for the basic needs of the people, who actually work to run everything in Corporate America. The type of fat-cats who are filling Trump’s cabinet, devise and receive all sorts of subsidies and sweetheart deals from all levels of government; but they sure hate to pay for a Nigger’s burst appendix, a Latino’s heart attack or a Hillbilly’s education.

2. Building walls and Tariffs against Mexico and China is actually the simplest and historically the most archaic form of taxation, with the average consumer paying higher prices and the Federal government pocketing the Tariffs. For the first 200 years of USA history, Tariffs actually paid for 75% of the average Federal budget, instead of taxation on the rich.

3. Corporate tax cuts are promised by Trump to his fat-cat friends and crones. Simply put, that is taking money from the poor (by program cuts and through tariffs) to feed the rich! This reverse Robin Hood policy is also known as the “trickle down” economics, which is based on feeding the horse (rich) to produce manure (minimum wage jobs) for the little maggots (Trump voters).

What will happen to government deficit that has been painstakingly lowered by 8 years of prudent Obama administration? What will happen to the made-in-America products and services, when the rest-of-the-world imposes retaliatory tariffs on the USA? What will happen to the interest rates and the housing market, with all the inflationary pressures of Trump’s policies?

Dummies, who voted for Trump, will have 4 years to find out. Billionaires, who planned the whole thing, have 4 years of American carnage to enjoy!