The American University in Paris which celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary this year, hosted a public reading and presentation of Saïdeh Pakravan’s latest French Poetry book « Entendu Ce Matin » (aka « heard this morning »). Nicole Gdalia ( of Caracteres publishing house) presented the new poetry collection Entendu ce matin followed by Belfond’s editorial director Celine Thoulouze who announced the French version of Mrs. Pakravan’s latest novel Azadi due in January 22nd ( c.f. Edition Broché at .


Photos courtesy of :  Mehdi Majidi, Ph.D ( and Darius Kadivar (

Entendu Ce Matin

A collection of poems inspired from serendipitous conversations overheard by the author over the years when wandering or jogging in the French capital and thought provocatively weaved into a series of witty, funny, and touching observations (real or imagined) of our contemporary times.


Azadi is a gripping, beautiful novel centered on the MASS protests that followed Iran's contested 2009 presidential election. We experience these tumultuous events through the eyes of three young people and their families, all caught up in the post-election maelstrom. Through individual lives, Pakravan skillfully conveys the hopes and aspirations for change of Iran's younger GENERATION and the shattering of their dreams by a brutal repression. Azadi is chilling: it is a book you cannot put aside.” (*)

The beautiful evening was pursued with Mrs. Pakravan read excerpts of her poetry in impeccable French to an attentive crowd along with her son and film critic Ali Naderzad.

 (*) courtesy of Haleh Esfandiary  author My Prison, My Home: One Woman's Story of Captivity



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