French Iranian Painter Farzaneh Parent Exhibit at "Le Carré à la Farine", place du Marché Notre-Dame Versailles, October 7th, 2014.

Photos  © Darius Kadivar and Photo courtesy © Farzaneh Parent 


Farzaneh Parent was born in 1955 in Ahwaz, Iran. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Tehran’s University of Architecture.

Alongside her studies she also pursued her academic interests in the field of painting in the workshops of such masters as Petgar and Etémadi. 

Upon graduation from university she was hired by Petgar’s workshop as an assistant teacher before becoming a qualified teacher at the age of 26.

Three years later, she opened her own painting school in Tehran. Upon settling in France in 1989, she took up her teaching activities full time.

Her passion for a profession known for it’s educational requirements and human contact did not hinder her to reinvent a new life enabling her to share her time for several years between teaching and creative activities next to some of the leading french masters. She was bestowed with the prestigious Grand Award of the Port – Royal Academy, which succeeded the prestigious Julian Academy of Paris.

Her pictorial research consists of painting various subjects whether nudes, still life, or landscapes in the form of one or several Small formats before accurately reproducing them in her workshops in the form of larger scale compositions.

Since 1999, she leads the ADPS (L’Atelier de l’Association Dessin Peinture Sculpture) workshop in Versailles.

Farzaneh’s work are regularly showcased in different exhibitions in Paris and it’s larger outskirts such as the Painting and drawing exhibit organized each year at the Grand Palais. She also has presented her Works during several great exhibitions at the Carré à la Farine in Versailles.

She was awarded the Prize of the Versailles Salon in November 2010.

Beyond her oil paintings which remain her priority, she has also personally invested herself in workshops using painting as a therapy as well as using techniques of concentration in the service of artistic activities and vice- versa. She has also conceived, wrote and illustrated educational books for children and adults.

Her work and personality have been highlighted in numerous french art magazines such as « Pratique des Arts » in june 2009, « Artistes Magazine »  May-June  2012 Issue, the special « Acryolique » issue of « Artistes Magazine »  in September 2013 as well as « Univers des Arts » n° 172 december 2013- Jan-feb 2014.

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