The Shah of Iran’s last Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar would have been 100 years old this year. On Wednesday August 6th marked the 23 rd anniversary of the brutal assassination by an IRI death squad of Bakhtiar and his close aid Soroush Katibeh in Paris. ( Recommended Reading : Dialogue of Murder by Cyrus Kadivar)


Amongst those present at Montparnasse Cemetery were former ministers of Bakhtiar’s cabinet Djavad Khadem and Cyrus Amouzegar, as well as one close aid Hamid Zolnour,  researcher Hossein Lajevardi, activist writer Ramin Parham, activist Fariba Irani, writer and poet Fariba Hachtroudi, TV Reporters Mohammad Reza Chahid and Ali Limonadi , Freelance Photo Journalist Akhtar Ghassemi.


All Photos © Darius Kadivar  

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