It was a special night in so many ways. I knew someone was performing at my friend's house in Urubamba, a couple of hours outside Cusco. But I had paid no attention to the flyer. I was still clueless even after seeing the sign "Tito La Rosa" on the gate. So it was a surprise to see the  Andean sound healer on the floor preparing his instruments. I recognized him by his long hair and gentle face from a video someone recommended a long time ago.

His music, his movements, his touch was soft as a feather. The full moon, the thunderstorm, an army of crying toddlers by the fire added special effects. (Video clip)

He was angelic not only in his art but also in his manner. I have seen a lot of artists, a lot of poets, a lot of spiritual practitioners. Tito is the only one I have seen whose character reflects the beauty in his art, the spirt in his spiritual music. He has healed himself, it seems. 

Thank you Sarah Sherman and Dan Furst for hosting a great evening. 

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